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Look, ma, I’m in a book!
Profiled in Technology with Curves: Women Shaping the Digital Landscape published by Harper Collins. I'm honored to be in such great company.

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Recent mischief:
The Human Generosity Project
Banff New Media Institute, Banff Centre for the Arts
Banff, Alberta Canada

Road Movie: The Future of Mobile Entertainment
Creating For Convergence, Designing for Divergence
The USC Annenberg Center for Communications
Los Angeles, CA USA

Free Agent Nation
SXSW(South By Southwest)
Austin, TX, USA

Masterclass in New Media
Hamburg NewMedia@Work/
The International EMMA Foundation
Hamburg, Germany

Surfing the Continuum
Netherlands Design Institute/
The International EMMA Foundation
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Convergence or Divergence? Blue Sky & Bottom Line
Digital Fusion Symposium, Jackson Hole Film Festival
Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA
featuring the minds of Metawire * Trivecta * Spiderdance * Logictier * Storyworks * The Contact Consortium * Network of the World * iXL & more

The Banff Network Superconductor: A think tank on tactical media for fat pipes
Banff New Media Institute, Banff, Alberta Canada

Women of the Internet: Formulas for Success
Women In Film/VIC, Los Angeles, CA USA

Eaton Canyon Women's Workshop
Caltech/Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Pasadena, CA USA

The Converging Industries, Colliding Worlds Forum
Convergence & Knowledge Management Conference, New York City USA
with Jo Lernout, L&H * Tim Chambers, Sony Pictures * Tom Short, IBM* Peter Plantec, Virtual Personalities * Brad Paley, Digital Image Design * Marsha Kadanoff, Everypath

Impact on Hollywood: Digital Media Distribution to the Home
SMPTE & the USC Cinema School, Los Angeles, CA USA
"Upstarts & Startups: Challenges to Traditional Hollywood Production & Distribution Models"
with Intertainer * Rotor * Storyworks * Shandwick Convergence

The Convergent Content Showcase at MILIA
Cannes, France
A Partnership Forum in the Think.Tank Summit, exploring cross-platform content applications across multiple media and markets, featuring: Sony * Nokia * UMA * Lernout & Hauspie * IbidLive * Spumco * Chello Broadband & more

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