The Convergent Content Showcase

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A Partnership Forum in the Think.Tank Summit at MILIA 2000
Tuesday, 15 February 2000, 14:15 - 17:15
Grand Auditorium, Level 1, Grand Palais des Festivals
Cannes, France

The Showcase will explore content as it is expressed cross-platform, across multiple media and markets — broadband, narrowband, and what bridges the gap. We are emphasizing integrated interactive applications, and ubiquitous computing/networked appliances for the b2c and b2b markets. We're trying to steer clear of simple infrastructure and single-track plays, showing what's pushing beyond your plain vanilla media-on-demand forms, and their enabling technologies, into new combinations of on/offline, wired/wireless, etc...

The event will be 80% "show" — high wow-factor demonstrations of convergence applications, presented by their champions and knowledgeable evangelists — and 20% "tell": expert discussion of the evolving anatomy of convergent content deals (and their attendant complexities).


Interactive Entertainment, eCommerce, Advertising, Ubicomp


Demo Sessions- exciting demonstrations of state-of-the art convergence applications

Experts Panel- a high-level, moderated discussion of content deals in the convergence space, focusing on the complexities inherent in multi-platform, multiple-media, multi-national arrangements.

QA&C (Questions, Answers and Comments)- a conversation. Presenters answer questions, audience members may also make a brief comment.


SONY (USA/Japan): entertainment properties leveraged across a number of platforms

NOKIA (Finland): wireless networked games & wearable computing apps

UMA (Austria):3D-online consumer service applications, broadband and Internet

LERNOUT & HAUSPIE (Belgium): Real time machine translation

IBIDLIVE, NV (Netherlands): Integrated television/internet e-commerce experience

TALLARICO STUDIOS (USA): Music across the convergence spectrum

AD ACE (USA): Interactive advertising

CHELLO BROADBAND (Netherlands): leveraging localized content through broadband; sport & other affinity groups

REQUESTLINES.COM (USA) - innovative online/offline radio play

SPUMCO (USA) - rich-media advertising and original online entertainment

PACKET VIDEO (USA) - wireless streaming multimedia


Steven Billinger
Consultant, True North Partnership(UK)

Claudia Cavallar
CCO, Uma Holdings GmBH(Austria)

Tim Chambers
VP Technology & Production, Columbia Tristar Interactive(USA)

Christian Doegl
CEO, Uma Holdings GmBH(Austria)

Scott Garlick
VP Business Development, Lernout & Hauspie(Belgium)

Phil Harrison
VP 3rd Party and Research & Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America(USA)

Juha Kaario
Group Manager, R&D, Nokia(Finland)

Patrick Kearney
Director of Broadband, Digital Media Group, Sony Pictures/Columbia Tristar Television(USA)

Margo Komenar
Co-Founder and President, adAce, Inc.(USA)

Liam McNeive
Founder, McNeive Solicitors & Crunch Music Ltd.(UK)

Maarten Noyons
CEO, IbidLive(Netherlands)

Iain Osbourne
Managing Director Marketing, Chello Broadband(Netherlands)

Tommy Tallarico
President, Tommy Tallarico Studios(USA)

Rob Tercek
President of Programming, Packet Video(USA)

Annie Van Bebber
(also representing Spumco)

Jeannine Parker
President, The J Parker Company(USA)

The Convergent Content Showcase is produced
by Jeannine Parker, The J Parker Company
and Annie Van Bebber, Digital Maven,
in association with MILIA 2000.

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