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Strategist, futurist, e-business and collaborative community architect Jeannine Parker (a.k.a. "JP") defies categorization. She is President and Chief Innovation Officer of The J Parker Company, a pure strategic positioning firm for visionary organizations and their leadership.

Long before "convergence" and "transmedia" became fashionable terms, JP was already well-known for trailblazing networked interactive media ventures. Since 1991 she has provided strategic advisory services to founders & CEOs in the vanguard of a broad range of industries, from entertainment to technology to finance to healthcare. To prove to herself that she could walk her tech talk, for several years she led a double life as a collaborative software applications developer. She has also served in various capacities in the non-profit world, among them Worldwide President of the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS), and Executive Vice Chair, Worldwide, of the Association of Internet Professionals (AIP).

You'll usually find her at that intersection where artists, technologists and businesspeople are having a very spirited discussion about the shape of the future. (Fortunately, she speaks all three languages with some fluency.)

Passionate about the social aspects of computing and "making software safe for human beings," she is an avid student of how collaborative communities work, both online and off. Online, she was a pioneer in developing vertically-integrated, database-driven collaborative systems, unifying the web, email and telephony, to support both internal and external networks. She has designed and created virtual corporation infrastructures, evaluation and decision-support engines, and CRM systems. She has had great success with her functional & interface architectures - 99% participation rates, and online experiences that have garnered high praise from members of the digital vanguard. Offline, she is a consummate networker, adept at bringing together the best minds and talents for any venture or project.

A founding Boardmember and past Executive Vice Chair, Worldwide, of the Association of Internet Professionals (AIP), JP was made a Fellow in 2000. She has also served as International President of the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS), the interactive media industry's leading professional association; Business Opinion Columnist for Ziff-Davis' Internet Business magazine; Technical and Judging Director for the prestigious Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards; and Founding Curriculum Advisor to the Multimedia and Digital Technologies Program at UCLA Extension. Since 1997, she has been a Senior Correspondent for Jaclyn Easton's Log On U.S.A. a nationally-syndicated radio program on the Talk America Network. She's also a consultant to the Gilbert Center's Non-Profit Email Study, and has recently joined the Board of 18th Street Arts. Currently, she is developing an integrated healthcare delivery strategy for International Health Networks (a visionary treatment center for cancer and chronic disease), as well as designing the 21st-century system that will support it.

JP's background - music, motion pictures and computing, plus a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics - led to her discovery of interactive media in the 80's. She had her epiphany in the pre-web-browser era, when she experienced hypertext on the net for the first time, then had the good fortune to visit an object-oriented MU* (multi-user environment), while guided by a friend on speakerphone. After playing on the system for an exhilarating half an hour, she saw the rich, graphical, collaborative future unfolding -- and never looked back. (The first GUI browser showed up shortly thereafter.)

Over the past several years JP has been fortunate to be able to contribute to some groundbreaking adventures. A few career highlights:
* Gathering the extraordinary brain-trust who participated in the "Convergence or Divergence? Blue Sky and Bottom Line" day for the Digital Fusion Symposium at the Jackson Hole Film Festival.
* Producing the Convergent Content Showcase at MILIA 2000, featuring cross-platform applications from Sony, Nokia, Lernout & Hauspie, Spumco, UMA, RequestLines.com and more.
* Executive Producing the Technology Pavilion for President Clinton's Second Inauguration
* With a wonderful Board, helping to consolidate three leading industry professional associations into one, the merger that formed the Association of Internet Professionals (AIP).
* Designing and building the unique Web-based collaborative virtual corporation and evaluation system for the National Information Infrastructure (NII), then the Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Awards
* Midwifing the original debut of "The Spot", one of the seminal experiments in online interactive narrative,
* As LA Chapter, then Worldwide President, helping to reinvent the IICS as the multimedia industry's premier professional association
* Producing "The Internet Experience," the first-ever hands-on guided tour of the World Wide Web at a new media trade show
* Inaugurating the Multimedia and Digital Technologies Curriculum at UCLA Extension with its first 12-week course in interactive media
* Co-founding the acclaimed first annual Children's Interactive Media Festival, in association with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
* Co-producing the Electronic Cafe International's very successful 7th Annual "Around-the-World Telebration," a global cyberspace celebration of the New Year utilizing a unique hybrid of videoconferencing and Internet technologies to connect multiple locations around the world.

JP speaks regularly on the high-tech conference circuit (historically: CES, Comdex, Internet World, Internet Commerce Expo, NATPE, NAB, SXSW, etc., etc.), and since 1993 has produced numerous conferences and events that focus on where new media meets the net. Recently, she produced "Convergence or Divergence: Blue Sky and Bottom Line" for the Jackson Hole Digital Fusion Symposium, as well as a session for Convergence & Knowledge Management: Towards the All-Informed Network, entitled "Converging Industries, Colliding Worlds." She has also served as judge or juror in over a dozen interactive awards competitions, including the Interactive Media Festival, Invision, Interactive Marketing & Advertising, Interactive Summit, Multimedia Producer, NII and International EMMA Awards programs.

An advocate for legal and policy issues critical to the Internet/interactive media professional, she founded the IICS Task Force on International Digital Copyright and Patent Issues, and was actively involved with the Ethical Standards and Practices (ESP) initiative on behalf of the Internet development community. She was part of an informal working group that advised the Office of Advocacy at the Small Business Administration on digital rights for small business, and is an ardent supporter of community networking programs. She was a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Multimedia and Digital Technologies Curriculum at UCLA Extension, where she has taught interactive media and Internet courses since 1993. She has also served on advisory boards for New Media Magazine's INSIGHT conference, the National Association of Partners in Education, the IICS Interactive Summit, Digital Bayside, the IMA Expo Conference, New Media Expo, and the Web Developers Alliance. She is a member of the Interactive Media Peer Group of the Television Academy.

JP has been honored to be a friend of the New Media Institute at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where she has participated in think tanks and symposia on "Navigating Intelligence," "The Banff Superconductor: Network Collaborations, Tactical Media, Filling for Fat Pipes" and "The Human Generosity Project."

She is a resident of the 18th Street Arts Complex, an incubator for emerging and mid-career artists, dedicated to intercultural community and dialogue.

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Jeannine Parker
Chief Innovation Officer, The J Parker Company

+1 310 828 4838 (tel)

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